Saturday, June 09, 2007

Comprehensive anti-terror policy

Comprehensive policy to control terrorism.

It is very appalling to know that the country does not have a comprehensive policy, that involves the common man, to control terrorism.Terrorism has become a serious problem and if we dont safeguard our internal security, 8% GDP growth would remain useless( not dat 8% growth is really auguring well now). Internal security and environment are the most improtant issues that we need to concentrate on right now and once we are at peace with them, the remaining development should follow.
Involving the common man will yield tremendous results. Everyone would be able to associate with the country more closely, more patriotism, more fervour and more intrest in activities that would promote the development of the nation. The much needed "sense of belonging" can be created to a certain extent and then it can be used in other areas of country's intrest.
The internal security problem is being given less importance than what it deserves. It needs to be highlighted, IN THE SAME WAY AS AN "ASH-ABHI" WEDDING, IN THE SAME WAY AS AN INDIAN CRICKET WIN. Internal security is of paramount importance and in a way safegudaring it is equal to safeguarding our independence. Our independence to live a safe and secure life is in danger, shouldnt we launch an offensive?
When terrorist organizations openly announce that they would terrorise the country, why cant the anti-terror mechanism vow to do the same. Yes, it is true that we see condolence messages every time an attack happens. It is also true that police and anti-terrorist cells are working very hard to solve this problem. But it is very evident that what is being done is not enough. We need to do more, the common man needs to do more and he needs to know what he can do to make his life safer and secure.

Extremists will be very few in number and they spread their cause by finding people who can be easily mentored to follow suit. For any program, jihad for that matter, to succeed it needs efforts from the grass root level. So if extremist attacks are succeeding in our country, it only means that the extremists are being able to reach a good number of people at the grass root level and influence them. The counter strategy should also be the same. Common people, "the aam aadmi", should be made aware of the meance of terrorism and should be empowered with minimum knowledge of what he can do to prevent "seeds of terror" from being sown in his area. The police and other similar forces are not equipped that well enough to tackle this problem just by themselves. It will be an even better idea if there is an anti-terrorist cell, that too a trained one, just like the police; set up. It should be very strong in number and also in conviction to perform the duty that its established to perform. Let the army guard the borders and let us not waste its resources on internal problems. The army cant do anything and we dont want our enemies to take advantage of a situation in which most of the fighting forces are busy guardig internal problems than our external boundaries.
All of this is easier said than done.It only needs commitment from the governments,federal and state, for there are a lot of unemployed youth with enough patriotism in them to serve the country. But commitment from the government is such a difficult thing to acheive, what with most of the netas out there concerned about their safety and intrests only. Its enough for them if they have bodyguards and commandos guarding them. What about us? If they do want their children and grand children to be a part of a safer India, I m sure that this can be done. But if they are still sucked into the peril of serving their own greed and be least bothered about the country and the generations to come, they wont do it.
No need to talk about the money aspect though. Everyone knows there is no dearth of funds in our country. It is always a question of pumping them for the right causes.

If anyone of us is ever in a position of power we must always be able to act in a way as to serve our country, no matter how small it may seem to be. "Hundreds of drops do make an ocean."