Sunday, September 16, 2007


Indian Cricket's Biggest Gamble

Rahul Dravid has given up his captaincy. He would have gone to the depths of his soul to find the best possible answer to the situation he was in and he took a decision that was very right to him. Now, the selectors have to make a decision that is very right to Indian Cricket, that is to appoint A NEW CAPTAIN. The next series we have is against Australia (a seven match one day series). If I were the selector, I would take a gamble. I would bring back Sehwag into the team and make him the captain. Dhoni is captaining the 20-20 side, but I think he was appointed only in vision 20-20. Its too early to give him such a big responsibility. Think about Sehwag,forget his batting. For all we know that he has a very cool head on his shoulder, he is experienced, he loves throwing back punches to the opposition, very attacking. Some qualities that would help him as a captain. And he is exactly the kind of player, on whose batting captaincy will show no effect. He has no qualms. What if Captaincy galvanizes his batting? We will find better options once sachin, dravid and saurav plan to retire. We should not deny that Sehwag's bad form has led to a crisis in our batting. He's a solid hitter when in form and with the series against Pakistan(300 against dem) and tour of Australia also coming up, where he has done well last time, he definitely needs to be given a look in. If he gets in form, he gets into the test team. He will provide us with another opening option and that too an attacking one. And lets not forget his bowling, he is not that bad. Infact, he is good. So assuming I am the selector, I am gonna give Sehwag one final chance. I will get him into the team and make him the captain. If he does well in the one-dayers as a batsman at least, dat will be gud enough for the moment. We should not be expecting to win the series against Australia, so its enough if Sehwag bats well. Sehwag is the only possible double solution to the problem. Any other solution would be appointing separate test and one-day captains.

If Sehwag doesnt do well, well "better not think about it".Its not that difficult to imagine, ain't it?