Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back to school.

         Here I am, back to school. You can imagine a small kid with a heavy bag, walking very haphazardly, kicking all the stones in the path, with the shoulders drooped and lost in thoughts. Just that I am no more a kid and the pathways here are so neatly maintained that you don't find any stones to vent your anger on. Actually, I am putting in a lot of effort not to step on the scores of ants dotting these pathways. Alas, I can't even walk as I like.

            You can also imagine a sprightly kid with a not so big bag, singing songs, cracking jokes, teasing friends, rolling on the grass (alone that is) and having fun.
            All the visuals that have been conjured up by your imagination are, with some standard deviation, what I am  experiencing. I decided long back that the title of my next blog would be 'back to school', but it took almost a month to come up with something presentable. I don't like to talk about academics and exams, for their scope is either too broad or too narrow and more importantly because it will bore you to CTRL+F4.

      I have already had a lot of things to celebrate over here, the first of which is the fact that barring for the first class, I have managed to stay awake in all the classes for the past 15 days. Not sleeping in the class was actually one of my short term goals(after all those sleeping memories as an ELT @ Cognizant) and its nice to have achieved it. Here are some more goals that I thought were relevant to this post:

mission 1 - Get to know the people around :). I am trying my best.

mission 2 - get enough sleep outside the class. It's mission number 1 now. Sorry friends :(.

mission 3 - adjust to the food, potatoes everyday. Are you sure? Yes. Even then, kindly adjust. They tell me that potatoes from your friend's plate are more fun. Have to try that out.

mission 4 - try to play everyday. Good that the rains have started :). Can ignore this.

mission 5 - try to study every now and then. This has actually turned out to be, study all the time and do something else if there is time left. Though I am spending most of my valuable time on this, this still remains mission 5, mainly because I am forced to do it. It's different from sleep in the sense that ''I want to sleep''. There is a lot of demand there and very less supply.

A lot of people told me attendance was very important, but I found something else to be much more important : "the Dhobi days". Else I have to wash a lot of clothes.

Have I settled down? Your answer is as good or as bad as mine. I love my room though, which is cosy, cornered (as in at a corner) with a balcony overlooking the sprawling green lawns and a few creaking branches. What's more, there are loads and loads of birds here. Mornings are musical sometimes and noisy most of the times. Don't want to complain more and get depressed. Back to school? You bet.


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Anonymous said...

mission 1- i will henceforth earnestly strive to not let you achieve your goal number 2!

P.S-disgusted with potatoes! yep me too! lets try eat-from-your-friend's-plate thing!