Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally! One for Tendulkar's critics.

As far as Tendulkar's critics are concerned, the team needs him only when he is playing in the 4th innings and/or the team is in deep trouble. One thing is they don't understand the definition of "team". A team needs every player every time.

A failure is a failure. If the pass mark is 45, anything less than that is a failure. The problem with critics is , if you get 30 , they would say u could have at least got 44. If you get 44, they would say "you still didn't pass". You pass and they say "u need to get 100". You get a 100 and they say "nothing great".

It's true that he hasn't done well enough in the third/fourth innings, but there have been enough matches where he has been involved in important partnerships that won us the games. And then, no one has done better than him for India when it comes to setting up a total in the first innings. It is simply ignored. All these people want is a tough situation for India.

They want to see India in trouble so that they can see if Tendulkar will succeed/fail. This is not criticism. It is sadism. And being in the SW services industry I can guarantee that one Tendulkar(or for that matter anyone) can never ever achieve excellence in delivery. All he can do is guarantee a delivery. Excellence goes for a toss. This applies to all teams.