Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Action plan

Its high time a Federal agency is set up to deal with terror. No Central
-State fighting in there. The set-up could be something similar to the
railways. Establish different security zones and be pretty sure that each
of the security zones would be able to cater to two states at any given

Starting from the south. One common zone for Tamil Nadu and Kerala. But
dont have it in Chennai or Trivandrum. Chennai is too far from Kerala and
Trivandrum is not that near to whole of Tamil Nadu. Pick a spot somewhere
in the south central of tamil nadu and establish a security unit there.

Populate the security unit with Marcos, NSG and whatever is
required.Importantly, this place should have a runway for planes to
take-off. Similarly, we must need to find a place somewhere near the
andhra-karnataka border to set up a unit for AP and Karnataka. Follow
similar patterns and have zones in the entire country. Don't make the
mistake of having only one unit in the North-east. Thats not an easy
territory and its better the same logic is followed there too. It would be
even better, if a unit is dedicated to each and every state. Why should we
think of costs at the cost of our safety and security? This is not an IT
company. Its the country at stake.

Now, all these security units will be under one central command.
Something akin to our armed forces. Whether the government stays or
changes, these units would remain in place and the command would change,
say, for every five years. All major decisions would be taken by the
central command. When crises, such as Mumbai arise(which in first place
should not happen), irrespective of what any government says, it is the
duty of these people to take stock of the situation and do the needful.
The state government will merely be a cooperating agency.

And how long will we have such a structure in place?-As long as Pakistan
is unstable, as long as afghanistan is unstable, as long as Sri Lanka is
unstable, as long as naxalism exists in our country, as long as there is
room for religious fundamentalism in our country, as long as there are
caste wars-which pretty much means that we cannot do away with this
structure in the next 15-20 years.

Your ideas on this are most welcome.