Thursday, November 09, 2006


This is for all the people who complain about time.
("I am not referring to the T.I.M.E institution which offers coaching for CAT and all other stuff.lets deal with it some other time").
Coming back to the point though,,,
I have the time to log into my blog and write a post, at a time when I have to be preparing for the rigorous examination schedule ahead. I have the time to login and see if I have got any comments for the articles that I had posted. And I have immense time to think about what exactly should be written in this particular article. Last, but not the least, you do have the time to login and read what I am writing right now. So what does all this mean? Simply put forth, we always have time to do what we want to do and what we love to do. But there is a small but very important distinction, what we want to do is most of the times different from what we need to do. Again a digression, excuse me please.
Coming back to the concept of time as defined by Stephen Hawking,excuse me again, I am wasting your time.
The matter is that we will always have time for what we love to do, for what we consider are the good things in life, things on which it is worth spending time. After all, there are 24 hours in a day,,,and if we take out the 8 hours required for sleep and 3 hours required for eating and other important bodily activities, the rest 13 hours are there for the taking. What makes us different from others is the way in which we waste time, but not the way in which we spend it. See, spending money is different from wasting money, likewise spending time is different from wasting time. I can only say this much because I haven't mastered the art of wasting time properly. What is the worth of preaching, when we don't practice!
Rahul Dravid spends most of his time playing cricket. He wastes a small amount of time, reading books!
I call for a completely new definition of waste here, its very tricky and very very misleading in the context here. But I do hope you people understand the Intricacy involved, when I use the word 'waste'. It is to be taken in the positive sense, and it is very much unlike the actual meaning of the word 'waste'. May be I have a knack of complicating things, but I do love puzzling people around.
I have spent 50 minutes writing my 2 blogs today, and I they are worth it.Let me know if the 10 minutes you spent on these two articles are worth it too! On this particular topic your comments would definitely be a good judge of me.
I have a quote for you from the movie "Die Another Day".
"Life is too short. Why waste it by sleeping?" .

Even i don't agree with it, still. I believe a part of it is right.
Have a nice time and do take good care of yourself.



For all those who have seen the telugu movie tagore,,,this is for
you...."naaku telugu lo nacchani oke okka padam pariksha." Now that I
supposedly did some justice to my mother toungue, I will translate it
into English,,,"The only word that i hate in English is "examination".
Actually, Hate is a very strong feeling. Same is the case with love too.
The truth is I am digreesing from the topic.
Exams, exams, exams. I am in the Final year of my engineering now.
When I was in school, I used to think that higher studies would be fun;
that I would only have to write one exam for a year or may be for every
six months. But somebody else had something else in store. I am not in
IIT, but i still doubt if IITs dont conduct exams regularly. Exams are
conducted at an alarmingly regular rate, every week or may be evry 2
weeks or may be once every month. How is it justified??? How do people
think 3 hours are good enough to test somebody's depth in the subject? I
have lots of questions plaguing my mind right now, I will now try to hit
the hammer on the nail.

The next 2 weeks will probably be the most important ones in my
examination life. I have CAT breathing down my neck, but it is setup
quite 'strategically' I must say in the midst of my end-semister
examinations. What complicates the matter is the fact that I have to make
on overnight journey to reach the place where I have to 'hopefuly' bell
the cat. Its been difficult for me to bell the local 'cats' here in
Vizag,,,and i dont know if the CAT in hyderabd will be kind enough to
allow me to bell it.Yeah, the alarm bells are ringing. sO what do I do
now? Most of u must be knowing the case with sem exams, One day batting,
as it is called in this part of the world, is undoubtedly the best
strategy. It has worked out for me well enough, giving me decent
percentages almost everytime. This time though, the situation is just a
bit complex, 3 hours of CAT prep everyday,,,and at the same time readin
at least 6-7 hours everyday to pass my sem exams...just for passing
man(read it as woman, if u are one,, frankly i dunno about the
rest)!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post stops here, seems to be an abrupt
ending,,,but looks fine I suppose, like a Mani Ratnam movie, ends exactly
where it could actually may be continued. And by the way, I am not making
fun of Mani Ratnam, I love his work.

Have a nice time and do take good care of yourself.