Sunday, January 01, 2012

old wine new bottle

           Forget the protests, candle light vigils and fasts after a party is elected to rule us. They wouldn't probably hunt you down as they did in Rang De Basanti, but they will surely try to scuttle your movement out. Who are they? We all know.
             The elections are coming and it is the right time for action.  Why don't we a do a detailed analysis of all the candidates in fray in a constituency and come up  with a list of the most cleanest and most capable of people? Then why don't we go ahead and campaign to let everyone know that so and so guy is the best one to be elected. Who said candle light vigils and fasts should not be done to bring these correct candidates to the fore? Why not convince your friends and families to take a closer look at the profiles of all the people participating in the elections and ask them to vote for the most apt candidate? If various parties can run campaigns just for the sake of greed, why can't we run campaigns for the sake of honesty, dignity and a better tomorrow.

         Campaigning against someone is not the way to put the right people in power. We need to vouch for someone to make proper use of power. We have the power to vouch for someone. Are we ready to take up the responsibility?

         Finally, vote to make it count.