Monday, August 27, 2007

Laws are not the way to contain 'Outlaws'.

After the two blasts that rocked Not Only Hyderabad But the rest of the country, it is high time the so called security agencies swing into "extreme" action. In my article I have pointed out that the security mechanism in place is no where near the desired level. Hyderabad blasts are a further testimony to the fact. One doesnt need to be a RAW specialist to say that the internal security problem is slipping out of our grasp. The core area of this article though is "do laws act as a deterrent for terrorists?".
For me laws and terrorists are universes apart and drooling about laws to curtail terrorism is plain bull shit. Terrorists have plain disregard for anything and everything thats not a part of their agenda. If they were really afraid of the laws and really are, so many attacks would not have taken place. Their aim is to create chaos, make their point and pave the way for a society they think would justify their living on the earth. And they are least bothered about their lives, their motive is to get their objective across to everyone around. Bhagat Singh was never worried was about his life. He bombed an assembly and surrendered. His sole intention was to drive his motive across to the whole nation. Terrorists are of the same brand. " They live or die, but they wont let their ideology die." So laws would do nothing. I mean laws are to punish people who have made crimes. Whats the use of punishments or sentences after a terrorist attack has taken place. The main issue is to be able to prevent such attacks. We dont need any special laws to prosecute people who kill so outrageously or support these killers. If caught they can be jailed and senetenced for life. That is not a big deal. It is how we prevent these attacks that is important.

Terrorists arent educated in the proper way. Their education only leads them to destruction. So to eradicate terrorism proper education needs to reach everyone. That is the only way out. So on one hand we need a new and efficient system to crack down on terrorist cells and on the other we need to see that the right education- an education that envisages a society where everyone have to live together and promote nothing but peace-percolates down to the lowest strata of the society. Its so because terrorists always see something more than the nutrition value in an apple. They will also think as to how the apple can be used to serve their purpose. They will tell you "apple is not just for eating." Ha Ha.

As long as you and me arent made part of this anti-terrorism drive or at least as long as you and me dont feel a part of this drive, we wont be able to guarantee a safe life for ourselves.

PS: Dont complain that i write too much about this particular issue, u wud have realised that more than anything, this will be the biggest menace we need to contend with.

A salute to all the Hyderabadis for their remarkable spirit!