Monday, November 06, 2006


Now that I have started a blog, I must definitely be thinking about the kind of people, who will be visiting my blog. I would love everyone on the internet to visit my blog and would even get people to start using the internet to read my blogs.That is taking my passion to the point of insanity. Coming back to the point though, I have decided to categorize the people who will view my blogs into 3 categories:
First Category comprises those people who will feel very glad at the moment they see that, Krishna Swaroop has created a blog. They would love to visit the blog straightaway. I have to be thankful to all u folks.
Second category probably comprises of people who may be writing articles or blogs themselves. And they would want to visit my blog just to see how good or bad I am at writing. And the good thing is I can expect a lot of criticism from these people. I have to be thankful to u people.
The third category is the kind of people who wont be visiting my blog at all. I cant describe their attributes , the only reason being that there are a lot of people who belong to this category and fall into innumerable types. How my blog is working, I suppose, will be determined by the third category of people. If I can get a person of this category to start visiting my blog, then I can term that a success.
Have a nice time and do take very good care of yourself.