Sunday, November 05, 2006

Why Blogging?

The first post had to be this. A question that everyone around me might ask:"Why did u start a blog?". Yours truly is a lazy guy, but he is fond of writing. Regular writing, I suppose, needs a public commitment. It is true that we just write for our happiness, but writing doesnt help or improve unless its done on a regular basis. Now that I have started a blog, I am more or less responsible to some of the people who take intrest in visiting my blog and want to know wats going on. So dat makes it imperative dat I keep updating my blog regularly.
The other part of blogging is,ofcourse, the kinda popularity u may get as a blogger. Yeah, a pretty and cute short term goal would be to be known as nice blogger,,, a nice social quo.Yes it must be. I mean without some kinda benefit, lots of things cant be done in this sick world. The first post will be only be this long. I wish myself happy blogging without making any unnecessary statements about the kind of writings to come.Have a nice time and do take good care of urself