Saturday, October 09, 2010

A van in my way.

What is convenience?

A van gets blocked by a herd of cows. The driver of the van is restless.So what does he do? Stop his vehicle bang in the middle of the road even when he has quite a space left between him and the herd. Why does he stop? Since he wants to take the lane in which the vehicles are coming in the opposite direction and thus get out of the jam.

What is anger?

The feeling that i get when I am the one driving behind the van and avoid an accident as the van stopped abruptly right in the middle of the road, only to realize later that the van driver wanted to take the other lane.

What is eagerness?

The feeling that I get when I figure out that the van would join my lane just a few meters in front.

What is satisfaction?

The feeling that I get when I get right beside this driver and let him know what I thought about what he did by hurling all possible expletives.

What is this?
Incredible India. Incidents like these make me think what would have happened if I had a loaded gun with a silencer.